The Pleasure Tribe is calling you!

Dear friends,

Wow, wow, WOW! The Red Tent Revival officially wrapped up a couple of days ago and I am still tingling all over from what an absolutely epic 5 days those were.

Were you there too? I just can’t get over the calibre of speakers and dancers Kristin invited into the Red Tent.

MDs, PhDs, New York Times best-selling authors, TV stars, and world-famous dancers. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

And although it’s over, one of the things I adore most about Kristin is her commitment to giving us ongoing wisdom and guidance that will nourish each of our inner goddesses… and keep her radiant, vibrant and alive.

Because our unfolding femininity is precious… and delicate.

And it can be far too easy to unconsciously fall back to your old self-sufficient, “I can do this by myself” mentality and push her back down.

But you can’t let that happen.

There’s no way things can go back to the way they were… because you have a new found super power. You’ve awakened your truth, revived your wisdom…

And your pleasure it not optional.

The truth is, you don’t have to go at it alone and it’s not where you’ll thrive.

You need to be able to stay connected to this energy and to receive support for your growth. It’s not only what we all know intuitively, science has provided the research to back this up.

And thanks to Kristin, she has made this possible with her Pleasure Tribe.

>> Learn more about the Pleasure Tribe here.

Inside the Pleasure Tribe, you’ll dive deeper into the experiences of the Red Tent Revival. You’ll get to participate in private and incredibly rare workshops with all of the speakers in the Revival. You’ll also get live dance classes every month so you can shake it like you mean it with the Red Tent dance instructors (some of the BEST in the world) no matter where you call home. You will NOT find this information or experience anywhere else online.

If the Pleasure Tribe is calling to you at all, I urge you to go deeper and say YES! And allow your life to unfold in miraculous ways because it will. It really will.

The doors will stay open until June 5 and then they will close, likely until next year.

>> I hope you’ll join our sisterhood.

Warm wishes,
Alex xx

p.s. I almost forgot! When you join, you’ll also get to own the entire Red Tent experience including the dance classes, expert interviews, live demos, and so many yummy bonuses. So, if you missed the Revival (or just want to relive it again and again), this is your chance to Have It All.

>> Join me and Kristin inside the Pleasure Tribe.

p.p.s. If you join the Pleasure Tribe I will personally give you an introductory coaching session (in person, by skype or by phone) absolutely FREE!
Contact me for free session on:


Pleasure Tribe with Kristin
Pleasure Tribe with Kristin
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