The Art of Birth™

Do you desire to overcome the fear of Birth?
Do you desire to trust the Feminine Wisdom of your body?
Do you wish to celebrate your birth as an amazing rite of passage?

The Art of Birth weaves together expert coaching with an artistic journey into a feminine world of Art, art exercises, relaxation, positive affirmations, inner work, meditation, emotional support and pleasure, where the dream of a natural, empowered journey to motherhood and a positive birth experience can become a new reality.

The Art of Birth will support you to…

  • Discover the secrets to create a pleasurable birth
  • Understand your Self as the source of your own power
  • Wake you up to the wisdom of your body
  • Find encouraging ways to trust your instincts and intuition
  • Gain knowledge and expertise to comfort you on your pregnant journey
  • Discover the tools that will help reduce fear and anxiety
  • Rejoice in connecting with yourself and your baby.
  • Know yourself beyond your wildest dreams
  • Free the way to a pleasurable pregnancy, birth and beyond

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I am passionate about sharing the skills that I have seen work with so many of my clients. All women deserve the tools to harness their inner wisdom and receive emotional support. You deserve to have a pleasurable and joyous pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

‘It’s not about being good enough or about being a professional artist. It’s about finding the images within your imagination, your soul, and then loving and honouring them by painting or sculpting or drawing them into creation. Bring your images into the world as you would bring a child into the world’ (Rominger, J., 1998 cited in Birthing from within. New Mexica: Partera Press. p74/5)

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