11 Jun 2013

Symptoms have meaning – Blog Twenty Three 10.6.13

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to my next blog… it’s already June and nearly half way through the year!

Today I’ve decided say a little about physical symptoms and their psychological meaning. Some of you may know the work of Louise Hay who writes about how you can heal your life by clearing your emotional blocks and negative thought patterns. If we release all judgement, criticism and loathing towards our Self then our health will vastly improve and our well-being restored. This may sound too simple and easier said than done but it is worth trying to tune into our body’s wisdom and see what it can reveal. This can be really helpful when you are pregnant because our thoughts and feelings can often manifest as physical symptoms which are not necessarily to do with the pregnancy but about our unexpressed emotions. This does not mean you ignore the symptom in your life, do get it checked out. Looking within and connecting to the messages sent by our body will allow you to make the necessary adjustments in your life and support the healing process.

If you are having aches, pains, health issues or just ‘not feeling right’, then try this short exercise below, it will help you begin your journey of self exploration.

How are you feeling today?

Find an appropriate place where you won’t be interrupted.
Sit quietly and breathe.
Go within and tune into your body. Scan it to see if there are any aches or pains.
Breathe into these areas of discomfort.
Let your heart and mind open to the wisdom of your body.
Imagine your pain or discomfort can speak.
Ask the pain/discomfort what it’s trying to communicate to you.
What is the message it’s trying to send to you?
Are you listening?
Try and let go of any judgement about what it reveals.
You are doing everything right.
You are loved.

When you are ready, come back to the room and wiggle your toes and have a stretch.

Write in your journal anything that came up and draw, paint or doodle images or symbols that were communicated to you during the process.

Remember to breathe fully and joyfully…

Let me know if you had any insights.

Until next week…
Warm wishes,
Alex xx

Divine Source Bejewelled

Painting by
Alex Florschutz

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