18 May 2014

Red Tent Revival Experience – Day One

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Well helloooo friends 🙂

Wow what a day we’ve had today (Saturday)!!!

The Red Tent Revival online event started on Friday night (in the USA) with a wonderful, rich, juicy explosion of talks – and so much more if you watched live! It was 1am in the UK so I watched the Replays on Saturday morning before I had my very own Red Tent Revival party in the afternoon. (You can own the whole package if you want to upgrade in case you want to have a deeper experience https://no122.infusionsoft.com/go/rtr2014tent/SisterGoddessAlex).

To honour the whole experience of the Red Tent Revival event, which is all about Feminine Power through pleasure and authentic expression…and sooooo much more! So I’m going to share with you my own practices I did yesterday.

I woke up and made myself a green tea and juiced a whole bunch of yummy fruit and veg including fresh ginger and tumeric. I then took a luxurious bath and put on my favourite summer dress, as it was quite warm for a change 🙂 I then put on the first Red Tent talk while I did some house work which made it feel so much more pleasurable… I’ve never enjoyed mopping the floor so much! Then I had a bunch of my favourite goddesses over for a party where we watched one of the talks and danced sensually, ate juicy fruit, drank Pimms and blueberry juice and shared our experiences of what we had watched…and a some extra stuff which is a secret 😉 I then met more gals for a clothes swapping gathering and it was really the best day! Wooohoooo….

I’m just listening to the next set of talks which you can too if you register…. Female orgasm… need I say more!

Have a great sensual, juicy day,

Love Alex xx


Breakfast Juice



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