02 Jun 2014

Re-live the Red Tent Revival? (watch this)

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Dear Friends,

Were you able to join me at the Red Tent Revival? There were 19,874 women from 179 different countries who celebrated with us inside the Red Tent. It was 5 days of pure amazingness and I still can’t get over the calibre of dancers and speakers Kristin brought in. Just WOW.

And, like all good things, it ended WAY too soon.

If you missed the Revival… (or just want to relive it), you’ll want to check out the video on the page below.


It’s rare to be a part of something so magical.

And although it’s over, one of the things I adore about Kristin is her commitment to giving women around the world ongoing wisdom and guidance that will nourish your inner goddess…

On this page, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep her radiant, vibrant and alive.


Much love,
Alex xx

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