01 Apr 2014

My Free Webinar – Irresistible Birth

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Dear Friends,

Happy April everyone. I am so excited to share with you the next part of my journey… read on to find out…

Do you desire to overcome the fear of Birth?
Do you desire to trust the Feminine Wisdom of your body?
Do you wish to celebrate your birth as an amazing rite of passage?
Would you like to discover how to awaken your Sensual Body Wisdom, so you can move beyond fear and create the pregnancy and birth you desire!

Then join me on Tuesday 15th April at 7pm (GMT) when I will be hosting a FREE Webinar called:

Irresistible Birth – Six Secrets for a PLEASURABLE Pregnancy and Birth: www.irresistiblebirth.com

On this FREE Webinar, you will:

Discover the secret psychology for an Irresistible Birth that will enhance your pregnancy right now.

Learn 3 powerful Pleasure Principles to help you towards creating the birth you desire.

Get clear on how to overcome fears around birth

Get to hear the truth about what helped me have the most peaceful birth without pain

If you’re ready to end your worry and transform your pregnancy and birth experience, join me for this exclusive Webinar by Opting in now for your FREE place and receive your complimentary Gift which you will be able to download immediately. More details after you sign in here…

Get FREE access to the Webinar + FREE Gift here: www.irresistiblebirth.com

If there is one thing I’m passionate about and that is supporting women find the power within themselves to trust the process of birth and bring their babies into this world in a gentle and more conscious way. Pregnancy and birth is a very sensitive subject and each woman will defend her right to choose the way she gives birth that suits her best. I totally agree AND I also provide a sacred space where women can explore any aspect of their pregnancy and birth (whether before the birth or to process previous births), without judgement, in a safe and nurturing environment. Pregnancy can be a really emotionally vulnerable time and yet women are expected to just get on with it. A kind of ‘put up or shut up’ attitude is projected onto them and the medical profession is also there directing the shots. Women become pregnant with a plethora of life experiences which are often magnified during pregnancy and any volatile or ‘unusual’ behaviour is blamed on those female ‘hormones’… If in doubt, blame the hormones! But a woman may be dealing with – either consciously or unconsciously – such things as: fears around her impending birth, a previous traumatic birth, a previous miscarriage or any form of pregnancy loss, abortion, maybe there is tension within a marriage, or a woman is without a partner, maybe she has health issues, or is feeling alone in a country that is not her own and without her extended family… the list is endless. I truly believe that we all need a pure, loving mirror with which we can feel safe and un-judged to heal anything that needs to be healed. I know that if we embrace our worries, fears and previous emotional hurts (or traumas) and grieve, process and befriend them, then that will free the way for our next birth and life in general. Birth is an act of total surrender in order to harness its power and we can only surrender if we are not holding on to anything… It’s that simple. My recently published book, The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth contains everything you need to know to support you during this time, with many helpful exercises. It all comes down to Love and SUPPORT.

It is my intention to support even more pregnant women to have the opportunity to receive the tools that will help support a more pleasurable birth. So it is with great excitement that I am in the process of offering my brand new Online Course, Irresistible Birth, that will take you through six fun and informative Sessions, including some fabulous bonus gifts and the chance to receive personal feedback from myself. If you’re ready to end your worry and transform your pregnancy and birth experience, then join me on my Free Webinar on Tuesday 15th April, at 7pm (GMT) where everything will be revealed. Find a comfy chair and make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy an hour of me chatting all about how you can transform your experience and work towards creating an irresistible birth.

Sign up today at for your free place: www.irresistiblebirth.com

Have a great week!

Warm wishes,
Alex xx

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