The Art of Conception – How to Begin the Creative Process Towards a Conscious Conception

There is much debate about nature versus nurture; are we a product of our genes, in which case parenting has little consequence other that common sense care, or is it down to our environment which affects the outcome? Well according to Bruce H. Lipton and others, how parents parent is really important because ‘…parents have.. read more →

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings to you all! May you have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year full of love! My blog will continue on Monday the 7th January 2013. All my love, Alex read more →

Creation Mythology

I love exploring creation mythology, especially the earth/fertility mother/goddess, as it offers fascinating insight into the potential mirror of the conception of human life, thus making pregnancy the ultimate creative process. Many cultures speak about the world being created out of ‘nothing’ or ‘the primordial waters’ of the universe by an omnipotent and often genderless.. read more →

The ‘Art’ of Birth

The Art of Birth offers you a supportive way to explore yourself and your pregnancy through creative, fun and playful exercises and is based on the principals of art therapy. Our thoughts and feelings have a direct influence on our physical body and health so it can be helpful to release any emotions that may.. read more →

The Art of Me and How I Discovered the Meaning of Life Through Giving Birth to Jude

That is quite a big statement but for me that is how it felt… I had just turned 30 and split up with my big love, or so I thought. It was one of those ‘turning points’ in life and little did I know what was round the corner. I lived and worked in London.. read more →

The Art of YOU – and The Revolutionary Approach to Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond! By Alex Florschutz, MA

Welcome to my first of what will be a weekly Blog (posted every Monday) on conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting, art (you are all a creative genius), feelings, feminine sexuality and MY extraordinary story! I am so excited to finally be sharing with you all that I’ve learned over the past few decades in this Blogging.. read more →


Welcome to The Art of Birth, a place to explore the potential pleasures of pregnancy and Birth. read more →