Blog 15 – Pregnancy, Birth and the Glorious Female Body depicted in Ice Age Art

Dear friends, This week I am so excited to talk about the Ice Age Art Exhibition in London that I visited a couple of days ago. I was so moved by the tiny carved figurines which depicted pregnant women and the female form in all its glory, carved some 30,000 years ago (there were other.. read more →

Healing Our Life Stories

Welcome friends to blog number 14…Do let me know how you are getting on. Today I would like to talk about our Life Stories. Healing our life stories can have a hugely positive impact on our birth. I know I would not be writing this book if it wasn’t for all the support I received.. read more →

A Simple Meditation Relaxation Exercise for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Life

Why do meditation or relaxation exercises? Meditation and relaxation exercises help you to quieten your mind and go within, disconnecting you from your busy brain. It reduces stress and enables you to ground yourself from the busyness of daily life and find that still place where you can gently allow your deeper thoughts and feeling.. read more →

Blog Twelve – I’m Pregnant…How do I feel?

Welcome to my next blog on this blissfully sunny day in Sussex. It is amazing! Piercing sun, blue sky, birds tweeting (that’s real birds, not ones on twitter…lol) and spring is in the air. As these blogs aim to support the emotional/psychological experiences of women, from conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond, today I thought I.. read more →

Forest Row Community Liver Cleanse

Facilitated by Jacqui Grace and Alex Florschutz We invite you all to come together this spring for a group cleanse. You will stay at home while you cleanse and come together with the group for support, movement, information and fun. Our weeks course will allow you to experience the following benefits: • Detox your body.. read more →

Blog Eleven – The Art of Being a Fabulous Woman!

Well the snow is falling again outside but it is warm indoors, the fire burns bright and a hot tea awaits. It is all happening this week! Tomorrow we have pancake day, followed by Ash Wednesday and then on Thursday Valentine’s Day of Love is shared with the renowned V Day and One Billion Rising!.. read more →

Blog Ten – Exploring The Notion of the Feminine

(For women and especially for conception, pregnancy and motherhood) What is it to be a Woman in our time? What does the Feminine actually mean? What is the definition of Feminine Power? I’ve been exploring what may be the Source of a woman’s power, the feminine spirit, which thrived in the more female oriented Goddess.. read more →

Blog Nine – The Daily Doodle

Blog Nine – The Daily Doodle I trust you all had fun last week?  The snow has now gone, down here in the south but…the sun is shining.  This is such a treat. I thought I would offer you an arty exercise which can be done at any time and is a great way to.. read more →

Take Your Inner Child Out To Play

I woke up this morning and thought PLAY! Whether you are pregnant, desiring conception, have children of various ages already, today is the day (or week) to play. And this is for fathers/partners too! If you live in the UK you will probably have snow. Yes we have the white stuff at last and what.. read more →

Creative Conception

Dear Friends, Following on from last week’s blog, here is a wonderful process you can try if you are desiring conception. Conception can be a conscious event just like birth or raising a child. Just because we assume that we just ‘get pregnant’ it doesn’t mean we are not able to creatively invite it into.. read more →