Symptoms have meaning – Blog Twenty Three 10.6.13

Dear Friends, Welcome to my next blog… it’s already June and nearly half way through the year! Today I’ve decided say a little about physical symptoms and their psychological meaning. Some of you may know the work of Louise Hay who writes about how you can heal your life by clearing your emotional blocks and.. read more →

A Reflection on Mothering – Blog Twenty Three

Dear Friends, Welcome to my Monday blog on this Bank Holiday. The sun is out and the trees are abundant with green leaves. All is well and yet I feel somewhat nostalgic. In the other room, bent over his desk and trying to focus, is my boy revising for his exams next week. The reason.. read more →

Vagina – Blog Twenty Two 20.5.13

Welcome, dear friends, to my new blog on… well I’ll come straight out with it, the Vagina! I am taking part in another art exhibition, until the end of May, in the Brighton Fringe Festival called ‘Minge Fringe’ (details below), which is an exhibition that celebrates the beautiful anatomy of a woman’s most sacred area.. read more →

The Creative Spirit – Blog Twenty One 13.5.13

Welcome dear friends to my next blog and I trust you have had a good couple of weeks. Last Monday was a Bank Holiday and I spent it with my family having a nice pub lunch and lounging in the garden – yes the sun was actually out! This weekend I took part in an.. read more →

Emotional Pleasure – Blog Twenty

Dear friends, Well what an interesting week it’s been. I really enjoyed running my class on Friday which was about emotional pleasure. What is Emotional Pleasure? This week, I thought I would share with you a little about emotional pleasure (inspired by Stella Resnick) or rather how we can feel more pleasured in our emotions... read more →

Pregnancy Loss – Blog Nineteen

Dear friends, Welcome to this week’s blog where I would like to broach a rather sensitive subject. Although many of my blogs talk about conception, pregnancy, birth, the feminine, parenting etc, I felt it was important to talk about the times when pregnancy doesn’t always go according to plan. You can also find out more.. read more →

Spring (Blog Eighteen)

Hello friends, I’m back from a little Easter break from blogging, recharged and ready to take on Spring which is teasing us…a little sunshine and warmth, then cloud, then sun…who knows! Either way it is nice to have the lighter days and watch the lime green new shoots appear on the trees. It is my.. read more →

Happy Easter

Just wishing you all a very Happy Easter and holiday. I will be back on Monday 8th April for my next blog, all being well 🙂 Warm wishes, Alex read more →

Pleasure – It’s a state of mind

Hello my dear friends and welcome to my new blog. Today I’m going to reveal the secret of Pleasure! Oh yes… and just before you go running off in the other direction, stay with me for a moment…this could be your answer to a more fulfilling life. It is potentially a loaded word and can.. read more →

Blog Sixteen – The Power of Women in History

Dear friends, Well what a lovely day I had yesterday, despite the rain. I exhibited my art at an event in London which celebrated women activists in history. It was so inspiring to listen to the different presentations about women who have done courageous things, put their neck on the line and fought for their/our.. read more →