News from The Book Launch – Blog 32

Dear Friends, Well… what a lovely weekend and book launch! I am feeling very blessed by all my lovely friends who came to celebrate the birth-day of my book The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth This is a brief story of the journey I went on to birth.. read more →

The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy & Birth BOOK Launch 9th Nov 2013

Dear Friends, I an so excited to let you all know that the countdown has begun to the launch of my exciting new book! If you are able to join me then drop me an email otherwise I hope to stream it LIVE on Google+ Hangout! Yay 🙂 Here is a bit about the book….. read more →

What is REAL Girl Power? My response to Miley Cyrus video for Wrecking Ball – Blog 31

Dear Friends, Well it’s been a busy few weeks getting my book ready and planning the Launch! It is going to be on the 9th November and hope you will join me to celebrate its birthday. I also hope to stream it live on something like Google+ Hangout so you can join the celebrations from.. read more →

The Art of Birth Book is Born – Blog Thirty (09.09.13)

Dear Friends, Welcome back and happy beginning of Autumn. I have had a couple of weeks off from blogging for the summer holidays which I spent with my son enjoying the sunshine. Today is a very exciting day because I received the first copy of my new book: The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself.. read more →

Parenting: The Most Important Job in the World – Blog 29

Dear friends, I have been inspired to write in response to a news item this week. It triggered me to say the least and it wasn’t really about the topic they were discussing but the underlying message. I am not going to go into this topic as it is somewhat irrelevant for this article but.. read more →

About the Book Vagina: A New Biography (by Naomi Wolf) – Blog 28

Dear friends, I am now back from a blissful fortnight away with friends in France. The beautiful sunshine, heat and good company – not to mention all the yummy food – was a real blessing. While I was there, I enjoyed reading the very powerful and interesting book Vagina: A New Biography by Naomi Wolf... read more →

A well earned break and my newly published eBook

Hello dear friends, Just a message to say that I will not be posting blogs on Monday’s 15th or 22nd July as I will be soaking up the sun and fun in France with friends. Wishing you a wonderful two weeks and see you all on my return with more news about my book. My.. read more →

Success – What does a child make of it? Blog 27

Dear friends, I’ve been mulling over the meaning of Success these last few weeks as my son journeyed towards completing his time at prep school last Friday. There has been one competitive event after the other, culminating with the grand ‘prize giving’ on Speech Day. The children have had to really manage their feelings as.. read more →

‘Endings’ – Blog 26

Dear friends, Today, I am writing this blog from the gallery where I am showing my art work in a group exhibition with my local art group. As I look around the room at all the beautiful art, I am struck by the eclectic mixture of energy and embodied emotions infused in the art. Every.. read more →

Domestic Violence – Blog 25

Dear Friends, Welcome to this week’s blog on domestic violence… Today, when I walked by the newspaper stand, I was shocked to see a photo on the front cover of one of our celebrity sweethearts with her husband’s hand around her neck in a restaurant. There were more images inside the paper of her husband.. read more →