15 Jan 2014

The Beauty of Birth – 14 Years today my son Jude was born 15.01.2000 – Blog 38

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to another new year’s blog on this very special day.

Fourteen years ago I gave birth to the most awesome son by candle light in the peace and tranquillity of my own home. It was such a magical day and so I thought I would share a few memories with you. Make a cup of tea, relax in a comfortable chair/sofa and enjoy the story.

I lived in Bali from 1998 to 1999 where I met my very handsome husband Bagus and embarked on a whirlwind romance which was the talk of the town. We got married fairly quickly in a lavish Balinese ceremony, attended by about 400 guests! I was dressed like a Hindu Goddess with a crown made of individual gold leaves carefully positioned in my hair-piece like a florist arranging flowers in green oasis. It looked amazing but weighed a ton! The day was filled with many ceremonies, feasting, laughing and smiling at all the local visitors who spent most of the time laughing at me (kindly… at least I think if was) as the funny foreigner that I was, trying to get the hang of it all. In the run up to the wedding, Bagus and I had to be ‘present’ in the family compound, where we were going to be married, while all the villagers prepared offerings, food, decorations etc from dawn until dusk. I was told that all I had to do was parade around like the queen – as that is what you are pre wedding – and talk to the workers, smile, sit with them and just BE. Everything is taken care of for the couple. How civilised.

Pregnancy was almost simultaneous as Jude was in a bit of a hurry to come to earth. I had been guided to Bali, forfeiting a trip around Asia so he could be conceived which was also a conscious decision to accept the offer. I had always wanted children but never thought I was old enough or mature enough to have them and filed that thought away in the future ‘to do’ pile. Bali, however, gave me the courage to entertain this concept. It may sound silly but I was too scared to conceive a child in the wild west of the UK. I was mixed up with my Feminist rage against the injustices of women in the world that I was probably repelling a suitable mate anyway. Being able to relax in the Feminine energy of Bali began to soften this side of me and awakened my Feminine Self. It is understandable that I conceived Jude in the land of incredible beauty and volcanoes! In a way this sums Jude up; he has the passion of the volcano and the divine beauty and love of the sacred Island of Bali.

January 15th 2000 at 04.27am, after a very gentle, uneventful, enjoyable (yet tiring at the end) labour – I even forgot to call my Doula as I didn’t think it was hard enough – and after four hefty pushes, a 9lb baby Jude, with perfectly styled ‘dude’ hair, came into the world. He lay in my arms and slept for about half an hour… no need to rush and then nuzzled his way to my breast… and the rest, they say, is history. 🙂

Since that day, I knew I had to offer my experience – which was a lot more involved – to other pregnant women/couples, so they could also learn to trust (even more deeply) their body wisdom and the process of birth. My journey from East to West during my pregnancy and the cultural influences on my two experiences, inspired me to find a new way of approaching the wondrous, yet daunting, world of pregnancy and birth. I share the secrets I discovered in my new book The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth which would not have been birthed if it hadn’t been for my son who graced me with his presence. I have always felt a bit sad that the opportunity to create a sibling for Jude never happened but the book, published just before Jude’s 14th birthday, is like my new baby. He is the catalyst for this project and my deepest gratitude to our collaboration and the sincere intention that it in some way will serve the world.

Namaste <3

Until next week…

Warm wishes,
Alex xx

To read more about my son’s Birth and all sorts of inspiring information on pregnancy, birth and beyond in my new book The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth which is available on Amazon, my website or other channels.

Baby Jude

Baby Jude Born 15.01.2000

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